Things to Consider To Choose The Best Limo Service

08 Sep Things to Consider To Choose The Best Limo Service

The reason why limousines became the most preferred mode of transport in special occasions is that they offer top-notch features that all in all provides a luxurious experience for its passengers. The problem arises when you have to select a trustworthy and reputable business in the plethora of companies availed in the market. One would think of how to get the best limousine service in Singapore.

Thus, here are the key aspects to focus on when selecting a limo service provider.

Check licensing and certification

Before anything, ensure you are dealing with a company with a proper license of operation, to avoid unnecessary legal issues. Certification is another thing that plays a vital role because there are many areas your limousine will not be allowed to access without a documented permission. So, before settling on a service, ensure they have all the legal documents.

Experience in the field

Experience matters the most when it comes to choosing a transportation company of this nature. A longer time of operation means the company knows what works and what doesn’t, for the comfort of its clients. Alongside that, the experience is often accompanied by a good reputation, so the longer the experience the smoother your journey will be.


Another crucial point to focus on is their schedule timeliness. Inquire to know whether they stick strictly to their schedules. Besides that, you can also scan over their company’s review and comments left by previous clients to know how disciplined they are. The essence of dealing with good services providers is that they ensure prompt rides, so you’ll not bet late on your errands.

Length of hire time

Universally, preparing a limo for hire often takes around 2 to 3 hours because the vehicle needs to be washed, and the interior vacuum cleaned. However, that time can be reduced to 1 hour or less when you are dealing with a customer focused company; and worth noting is, shorter periods means lower charges.


It is obvious that you should ask about the minimum charges; however, remember to inquire if there are any “hidden extras” and why will you be charged for them. Ask for a written quotation to know exactly how you can control the total costs of hire. Check what is included in the limo hire agreement. As in, will you have to pay the flower charges when you are hiring a wedding limo? Remember to get into the details.

Capacity and the age of vehicles

In case your limousine develops mechanical issues and you are in the middle of your very important journey, what happens? You need to confirm that they can immediately supply a backup vehicle of the exact size and type to the one you have hired.

Besides that, you can easily get a feel of the company if you get to know the rough number of the fleet and their ages. A company with a good mixture of old and newer limos may suggest that they have been in business long enough.

With all the above tips, remember to conduct visual checks in your limo hire process.