How Much Should You Tip A Limousine Driver

15 Aug How Much Should You Tip A Limousine Driver

Riding a limousine is one of the best things that you could experience in your life. It feels so good to have a satisfying limousine transfer from one place to another.  No wonder a lot of people are hiring this type of vehicle for airport transfers or business meetings. Aside from this, limousines are also in demand for special events such as prom, wedding and other social parties.

There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when it comes to limo hire. The first thing to look into is the rental fee of the limousine. The limo service company may require a potential client to pay upfront the full price of the rent or a portion of it depending on the contract agreed upon. The amount appearing on the contract is already the final cost that a client needs to settle. Hence, there are no longer unnecessary items that may be added on the said contract price.

After a full payment of the said price, a limousine renter may still incur another expense but it is no longer paid to the company. Instead, it is handed out to the driver or chauffeur who renders exemplary services. The “tips” given to the limousine driver depends on the satisfaction that is experienced by the people on board the vehicle. They are the ones who will determine whether the said chauffeur has offered a great service which necessary entails a good tip.

Determining how much you should tip a limo driver is quite easy. There are just factors that you need to look into before paying what your driver deserves. First of all, it is important to understand that receiving a tip from the client is not a right of every chauffeur but instead a privilege. This means that a driver cannot demand payment of tips from the client. Always put in mind that the handing of tips is always discretionary on your part. It is a mere gratuitous act that you wish to extend to the limo driver.

Second, identify how your experience with the limo chauffeur went. You need to determine if you were satisfied by the way he drives the automobiles or deal with you as the client. If you are satisfied, then it is only proper to give a tip of around 15% to 20% of the contract price. However, if you are not really happy with the service being provided, then you have the option not to give any tip at all. As already mentioned above, giving a tip is a gratuitous act on your part and you can choose not to do it if you believe that the driver does not deserve it.

People who drive limousines do receive their own remuneration from the limousine company. Still, most of them rely on the tips that they receive from the customers. As much as possible, be kind in dealing with them. Treat them in the best way possible, as they are responsible for your safety as you tour around the city on board the limousine. They are the ones who will facilitate your transfer from one place to another. Just put in mind that while giving tips is not mandatory, it is a highly encouraged practice.